Your small business ally ... is moving to a new firm to better support you!
As of June 1, we are joining Telgenhoff & Oetgen in Lynden, WA. 
Here we will combine forces with T&O's current bookkeeping support staff and draw on the knowledge of their CPA's and accounting professionals when needed.  Come just for bookkeeping services or work with one of their excellent tax preparers for income tax return preparation as well.  In-office services will be provided as well as the option for on-site services.  Rates vary - please contact me at the same number or email for more information.  We have loved working with your small businesses as Westfall Bookkeeping for 15 years and plan to continue providing the same, high quality bookkeeping services for years to come.  I hope you will join us!
Gratefully,  Tammy Westfall, 360-389-6582
You have a craft, something you are passionate about and great at, that you decided to turn into a business...

You have a craft, something you are passionate about and great at that you decided to turn into a business, be it manufacturing, design, fashion, medicine, or something else…  But as a small business owner you are expected to fill every position in your small business including bookkeeper, human resource manager, marketer, office manager, and the list goes on.  The fact is, no one can excel in all these areas and there just isn’t time to complete all the tasks.  Your business isn’t large enough to hire employees to fill all of these duties so what do you do?  You leave it to us. 


Westfall Bookkeeping is your small business ally,  providing you with excellent bookkeeping services and helping create efficient in-office systems to manage paperwork.  In addition, we can refer you to the best local professionals in many areas to be sure that your business is running smoothly and in compliance.


Do not let these details hold you back - we are at your service, at your office or ours –

your small business ally!

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  • Payroll Tax Returns

  • State Excise Tax Returns (Sales Tax)

  • Bookkeeping


Tammy Westfall (AKA Westfall Bookkeeping) is joining Telgenhoff & Oetgen of Lynden WA  as of June 1. There I will be continuing to provide excellent bookkeeping services in office and with optional on site services. 



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