Payroll services on your computer or ours, in your office or ours.  We can even set up your payroll in Quickbooks and teach you to prepare it.  


All payroll related tax returns:


  • Form 941 and 940

  • Department of Labor and Industries

  • Employment Security

  • Annual W-2 and W-3 Forms



Your Confidant


All Westfall Bookkeeping employees are background checked and have signed non-disclosure agreements.  


We recognize that your privacy is not only your right, but key to your success.





We are happy to refer you to trusted professionals within our community such as:


  • CPA & Accountants for Income Tax Preparation

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Marketing Experts

  • Attorneys




Full service bookkeeping:


  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Data Entry

  • Account Reconciliation



Office Help


  • Filing Systems designed to work best for you and to keep you in compliance with state and federal record keeping requirements.

  • Vacation Coverage for your office employees.



Office Systems


We create systems.  This can be a routine we create for your bookkeeping services or a written plan detailing our monthly bookkeeping procedures.


The system will include things like:


  • The services we perform for you.

  • When we perform them each month.

  • Monthly reports you desire be created.

  • Customized services you require.





Your computer or ours - each bookkeeper has their own lap top.


Work performed in your office our ours.


Files kept in your office or ours - eventually archived with you.


Our software or yours - some clients like to work in their software with us coming alongside to perform some work.  Others prefer to not own the software and have us perform all their work in our software.  


The Cloud - your files can be shared in the cloud or we can use programs to log into your computer or we can share files manually using a flash drive if sharing files is needed.



Your initial consultation is free because we LOVE meeting new businesses.


Beyond that, we charge hourly.  We can try to estimate the hours your work will take but there are many variables so it will be a guess.


  • Contact us for current hourly rates.



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